Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hoodoo Resurfacing!

A friend of mine -- fellow hoodoo practitioner Rev. Jim of the Church of Good Luck -- was in my town today for a convention, so we decided to visit each other and check out the local candle shop together. This was a pleasant trip, and the lady at the candle shop suggested that while in the area we should see an art gallery nearby where there was some hoodoo/voodoo/santeria themed art. 

The art in question was by a woman who calls herself The Ditch Witch because a) she makes works with an occult theme, and b) she incorporates a lot of found objects discovered from local ditches. So we went to see the art show. On one wall was a little Ochun altar, full of found bottles and jewelry from the ditches, and even a little voodoo doll of a female figure. I glanced the doll and went, "Hey, I once made a doll like that!" Then I looked a little closer. "Why, I made a doll exactly like that." A closer inspection, and soon I recognized my own hand stitching. Once I noticed the doll was covered in parti-colored wax suddenly came to remember that spell, and realized that this lady had found one of my own voodoo dolls and put it up in an art gallery!
Now, with the style of hoodoo I practice, when you are done with a magical item it's usual to dispose of it in one of four locations: in your own yard (if it's something meant to benefit yourself), in a crossroad (if it's not something you want to have in your yard, or if it's meant to be for uncrossing or unblocking), in a graveyard (if it's an evil spell) or in a river (if it's a blessing or cleansing spell, or if it's in the dominion of the goddess Ochun.) Around a year ago I made a love doll for a client, and once I was finished working with it I tossed it in the river since it was a love spell and therefore was in the dominion of Ochun. Apparently the doll washed up in a ditch someplace, and the local Ditch Witch found it and put it up on display. That was just so weird and hilarious. We ended up being directed by the gallery attendant as to where to find the Ditch Witch -- apparently someone I'd already met in the past and who remembered me. She was thrilled to learn I had made that doll and hear the backstory of its creation (via my spellcast services, for a client in China) and I ended up buying some incense from her.

Later Jim and I got sushi and cocktails. Good day!

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