Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Think you have bad neighbors...

I come upon people from time to time wanting advice for what to do about unpleasant neighbors -- usually stuff about letting their dogs use other folks' lawns as toilets or problems with spreading gossip.

However, here is a list of bad neighbors you can be glad you don't have: The 7 Most Insane True Stories of Neighbors from Hell. In there we've got a lottery winner who liked to run a racetrack on his property and launch fireworks over the neighborhood causing a safety hazard, a woman living "in the center of a metropolis of shit-eating rats just to piss off a couple of old people", and a guy who framed his neighbor for murder for not helping him move a motorcycle.

What to do if you have terrible neighbors of any description? Well, if they see to be targeting you, you can start by sprinkling Peace Water around your property and laying pinches of Master Powder in the corners of your land (if your land isn't square or rectangular you can just guess where a corner would be -- just as long as you lay 4 pinches of powder.) If they gossip or are noisy, blowing or sprinkling some Shut Up Powder at their home may help. Another tested remedy -- with a rather good success rate in my experience -- is to freeze a problem. In this case you'd write the name of the neighbors 9x and place the paper, along with foottracks or any other useful concerns if available, into a jar or plastic bag which you fill about 2/3 full with water, then simply place in the back of the freezer never to be seen again. This 'freezes' the problem and makes it unable to continue to function.

If you hope to drive them away altogether, Black Salt, Black Water or Hot Foot Powder can be sprinkled at their property to cause them problems which will force them to move.


  1. hot foot powder - that sounds interesting. My problem is, even with the landlord's help, my husband's begging, and my ruthless pounding the neighbors upstairs won't quit walking on their heels (sounds like a 500 pound person walking when she's prob only 120) and the toddler and pitbull won't quit RUNNING! I told them take ballet class - every 3-year-old girl should anyway, whether they run like elephants or are natural faeiries - but they won't quit! The tot's father is a gun-toting drug lord who threatened my husband so calling the cops will do no good - hubby will just vanish unless I'm there to disarm this evil dude (I'm quick and have no fear) (apparently it's a man's job to "control his woman" - well this guy does a bang-up job of controlling HIS!) so would this "hot-foot powder" make them run around on their tippy-toes like their feet are on fire? This would help! What is the recipe/spell? my email is agnesmlaan@gmail.com

  2. Hot Foot powder is used to make a person move away ("hot foot" is an old expression meaning to leave in a hurry.)

  3. Could you clarify what you're referring to when you mention Master Powder? Is this Master Key or Mastery Powder, or something else entirely? Many thanks in advance!


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