Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blockbuster Spell

Recently tried this one to some good effect. As I did it, I petitioned Ganesha, but any of those crossroads deities (Mercury, Ellegua, Odin) will be able to help you here.

You need:

  • Blockbuster Oil
  • Blockbuster Incense (loose or resin works best for this)
  • Van Van Powder or Oil
  • Gunpowder
  • 2 White, Black or Orange Candles
  • Fabric and Thread to wrap spell remains
  • Offering for Ganesha (candy is a favorite)

Do this spell on a Sunday or a Wednesday, or in a Sun or Mercury hour.

Begin with your candles. White can be used for anything and is always a good choice. Black candles can be used to blot out problems and to bring destruction of all types, and so are a popular choice in Blockbuster work. Orange is used for opening the way and is another possibility if you are feeling blocked. Whatever colors you choose, take one candle and carve your name (or the name of the person the spell is for) onto it. Then carve on the other candle what it is you want to unblock -- this could be "full time job" or "date with Terri" or whatever it is you feel keeps being blocked from you.

When your candles are carved, dress them both with the oil and gunpowder, and set them up at your altar or wherever you're going to burn them. (If you don't have an altar for Ganesh or any crossroads god, a simple solution for the brave is to actually perform this at a crossroads. If that's not feasible or you'd be too uncomfortable, you can easily print up a picture to represent the god and lay the offerings and goods before it.)

Next step is to set up your incense -- depending what form you've gotten (loose powder or noncombustible resin) the method for setup will vary. Loose powder needs to be formed into a shape while resin needs to be set on a burning charcoal or other heat source. In any case, get this ready.

Finally give your offering to the deity and you're ready to begin putting energy into this. Light the incense and light the candles, and name your requests. Let the incense burn for a time -- about halfway out -- then sprinkle onto it a bit of Van Van powder or oil. The reason for this is that Blockbuster only breaks down blockages but does not perform its own cleanup. The Van Van is needed to actually clear the remains of the problem out once the Blockbuster has started its job.

Everyone's approach to what you "should be thinking" during a spellcast varies a bit, but overall it's agreed that being negative or worrying is not beneficial. Think positive thoughts of some form -- many people advise imagining the feeling of already having what you desire, or visualizing your desires coming to fruition. Others say to just make your requests sincerely. Whatever you do, do it as you burn the candles and incense. You can stay at the altar the whole time or you can leave it to burn itself out if it is safe leave it unattended.

Once the candles and incense have burned themselves out, collect the remaining wax and ashes if any, and wrap them in a piece of fabric or paper for disposal. If you set up a temporary altar that you don't expect to use again, you can also wrap up the offering and the picture with the spell remains. Tie this up in thread with three knots, speak the "God's before me, God's with me, God's behind me" if you do so and then dispose of the packet in the crossroads.

I saw movement on the matter the very next day after performing this spell on a problem I was having.


  1. Thanks for this! What do you suppose I could use as a substitute for gun powder?

    1. Not really anything. If you can't get gunpowder then don't do this version of a Blockbuster.


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