Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Time Break-Up Spells

I think I have said before, love cases are the most common thing I'm asked for help with. Many times, the person has the problem that their lover is already seeing another person -- either has dumped them for someone else or was already with another person when they met. Due to the internet's predominance of Wiccan-style spellcasting tips, many of these people are afraid to do break-up work because they think it will bring them "bad karma" or come back "times three." This of course is a religious opinion, I cannot declare how true it is or not, but I will say -- if you're not a Jew or a Muslim you can eat all the pork and shellfish you want, if you're not a Buddhist or a Jain you can eat all the meat you want, if you're not a monotheist you can worship all the gods you want -- why should you worry about the rules of a religion you don't even practice? And heaven knows why causing a breakup with a breakup spell should be any worse karmawise than causing a breakup with a love spell.

Oft times these love cases are going to be hopeless unless a break-up is first performed; no love spell towards you is going to effect your target's relationship toward his or her partner. Here are some workings reported in the book Mules and Men by Zora Neale Hurston, collected mainly during the 1920s and 1930s.

To Separate a Couple
You'll need the following:

9 needles
5 black candles
4 red candles
3 green candles

Take the needles and break them each into three pieces. On a piece of paper, write the names of both partners to be separated three times, but write one person's name backwards and the other name forwards.
Using the string, suspend one of your candles upside down. Set your paper with the names in a dish and place the broken needles on the paper, then set this dish under the candle so the wax will fall in it. Light the candle (presumably it doesn't matter what color you start with -- nothing is specified) and let it burn up. Burn a new candle over the plate each day or night -- if you burned your first candle in the day keep burning them in the day, if at night keep burning them at night.
After you have finished the ninth day, go out and collect some dog feces from the street or a dog park -- someplace where the dog would have been running free. (This may, admittedly, be harder to get nowadays than it was in Hurston's time due to modern prevalence of leash laws.) Put the feces in a bag along with the waxy paper, and throw the bag into running water. It is said that this spell will ensure one of the parties leaves town.

To Break Up a Couple Where Magic Keeps Them Together

You will need to be brave and enter the home of the couple for this one. Hurston and the rootworker she was with picked the lock to gain their access -- how you get in is up to you, but legal methods are recommended! You'll also need:

a lemon
cayenne pepper

Write the names of each person in the partnership nine times on the paper -- presumably in the usual crossed mode (one name written sideways atop the other) though this is not specified. Cut a hole in the stem-end of the lemon and put into it some gunpowder and the paper, rolled up. The lemon should then be buried in a spot in the couple's yard where the setting sun will shine on it. It should be buried with the bloom-end down.
Inside the house, sprinkle some cayenne pepper in a spot where the person using the magic will be near it but the presence of the powder won't be discovered easily (Hurston's rootworker lifted up the lid of the stove and scattered it in there.) Then in the bedroom, scatter salt in the 4 corners of the room and under the bed to remove the magic.


  1. In the instructions it says burn 1 candle day or night...but in the list of need things there are 12 candles what are the other 3 for?

  2. Did we ever find out how many candles we need to burn?

  3. Is it really work. I want to try. Because i am in big trouble. Thank you for your spell idea.


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