Saturday, December 12, 2009

Increase Sales with this Magic Spell!


I don't often take photos of spells -- mostly because I don't actually own a camera -- but for this occasion we've got an illustrated spellcasting guide for a bit of magic to increase business and sales.

As most who hang about my pages can tell, I deal a lot in books. After noticing the poor sales of such beloved Jacobean classics and cheerful romances I decided it was time to do something. And that thing was as follows.

So to sum up the spell, you need:

Fixed Increase Business glass-encased candle, OR

Glass-encased green candle, cinnamon oil, rice and sesame seeds

Dragon's blood incense

$1 bill or green paper

pen for writing

You can buy a fixed and ready to burn Increase Business candle, or you can fix your own by the following method. Take a large green pullout candle, and dress it firstly with cinnamon oil. After that, sprinkle it with long-grain rice and sesame seeds. Then set it into your glass container.

Photobucket Here be the candle with its dressings. As you see, I have the shell left over from a previous Increase Business candle that I've reused for this.

One benefit of using a pullout is you not only are able to dress the candle a bit more easily (instead of having to bore holes in the wax) but also, you can carve shapes and names onto it. In this case, before dressing the candle, I carved the titles and ISBN numbers of my books onto the pullout.

Photobucket Here be the candle and empty glass case. I say 'be' as it sounds more Medieval and thus mystical. So mote it be. Sumer is icumen in.

If you are using a regular fixed candle you can add this information on the paper you set beneath the candle. Now, the best paper you can use is actually a dollar bill -- you write out your wishes on the dollar and set it under the glass-encased candle. If you can't use a dollar for whatever reason, you can use a piece of green paper, but this spell works a lot better with a dollar bill and I recommend you make the effort to get one if possible. Write on the dollar your desire, and then sign your name over it 7 times. You can use any color of ink you want, but it should be in ink.

When the time comes, and you've got your dressed candle set up on the wish paper, you're almost ready to light it. But first you want one other thing -- dragon's blood incense. You should light this first. The dragon's blood can be pure resin burnt on charcoal or it can be stick incense, whatever you prefer. Light the incense first, and then burn the candle.

Photobucket It is a spell for book sales. It makes sense to put it near books.

Let the incense and candle burn down. The candle should take a few days to finish. Be sure you leave the candle someplace where you feel it will be safe, for this reason -- don't leave it in a room where the kids or the visitors or the cat will be messing with it, and don't leave it sitting under a bunch of curtains or anything like that. The glass candle casing usually will keep the flames in check but occasionally they explode, so just be mindful and respect the fire.

After your candle burns itself out, take the ashes and put them into the casing with the remaining wax. Then take the candle case and fill it with boiling water to dissolve any wax residue, and pour out the water in your front yard or on the walkway in front of your building (if for some reason you really can't do this step, then just ignore it.) You can spend the wish-paper dollar as normal.

Of course practical efforts are always important, and thus I also plug the following:


  1. Thank you for this...also great way to plug your books to people who wouldn't otherwise have heard of them ;)

  2. what spell can I use to get sales for my online internet sales business that have not attracted any customers

  3. In you have a pull out candle is it still necessary to use the dollar bill with wish, etc
    on it or can you just write request on candle with ISBN # and title of book?
    Greatly appreciate a reply.

    1. The candle inscriptions are the subject -- effective you candle is the book(s) which are being turned into money-makers by the application of oils and colors. The wish concerning the subject is written on the petition.


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