Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gypsy Madge Advertisement

I don't have a large collection of antique books, but I've got a few that date back to the 19th century; among them a cheap paperback (or "pamphlet" some might say) about occult history, full of typos and obviously from a large mail-order house. In fact, I recognized it as an item in the 1930s King Curio Catalogue from the Church of Good Luck. The book has lots of advertisements for other cheap books, mostly self improvement ("The Secret to Cleopatra's Beauty Revealed" & "The Golden Key to Business Life, or; The Open Door to Fame and Fortune" among them.) But one of them was an advertisement for a Lucky Numbers book. Alas, no copies of the actual book seem available (and if this one's any indication of the condition to expect, no wonder -- these 19th century paperbacks weren't really meant to last. In fact I once heard a rumor people used to print these things as cheap as possible with the intent folks use them as toilet paper.)

Anyway... I figured I'd copy down the advertisement for your enjoyment, typed as-is with no corrections.

Old MADGE was the most celebrated Gypsy of modern times. She gives you the Key to Unlock the Future, and makes everyperson their own Fortune Teller. With this Book you can tell your own or any person's fortune far better than any Astrologer, Clairvoyant or Medium can. It foretells exactly what will happen to you. It gives the HINDOO SECRETS OF LOVE: how to Manage, what to Say and Do to gain the love, the heart and hand of the person you desire to marry. It gives the Art of Telling Fortunes by the Lines of the Hand. It contains old Madge's Dictionary of Dreams so you can Interpret any Dream as soon as you hear it. It gives you a Charm to Protect you from Danger; It teaches how to make the Lucky Dream Rose; Who your Future Husband or Wife will be; the Love Letter Charm; how to know the Sex of Children Before Birth; to know how soon you will Marry, and what Fortune you will have; the Lovers Charm. Old Madge's True Method of Telling Fortunes by Tea or Coffee Cup; to know if your Love of a person will be Mutual; Fortune Telling by Cards; It tells your Lucky Days; What you will be Successful in; What your Absent Husband or Wife is Doing; What your Future Destiny is; Whether your Wife, Husband or Intended is True to You; Whether you will ever Marry; Whether Money will be left to you; Whether your Marriage will be Happy; How to be Successful in your Love affairs; The Number of Wives or Husbands you will Have; Whether you will be Wealthy; Seven Signs of Speedy Marriage; Signs how to Choose a Good Husband or Wife. If you are in Trouble, or want to find anything out Old Madge tells you exactly what to do. The success of your Future may depend on your reading this great Book, for it will guide you to Prosperity andRiches. Old Madge can bring you Good or Evil Fortune. Dont spurn her and you can Control others and Find Hidden Treasures. She is Powerful. Price 25 cents, or Three Copies for 50 cents.

I should start shilling my own books with that kind of copy.

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