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Eros and Magic in the Reconciliation

Love spells are just not appropriate for everyone, it is a simple fact; but if you know what to expect from them, they may be appropriate for you. They take a strong will and clear thinking to achieve the best results, even if you're having someone else cast them for you. Spells to return a lover after a breakup or divorce are notoriously difficult, to the point that a lot of the legit professionals won't even take on such cases because they are so hard. Yet, with spells meant to bring back a lost love being such a common request, a lot of scammers take advantage of this. Some even build their whole business on it (I don't want to diss Google Ads but for heaven's sake, just look at some of the "guaranteed 2 return lover in 20 seconds money back voodoo promise" adverts they run on here for some fine examples.) So many of my clients and friends come complaining that they went to fraudulent spellcasters who pulled these kinds of tricks. Your best bet is to think of spellcasting the way you'd think of medical treatment: of course, no legitimate spellcaster can guarantee results -- even physicians and surgeons cannot do that. But a doctor is not necessarily a fraud just because his treatment doesn't produce the desired results; he may, however, well be a fraud if he makes promises he has no business making. If he has an experimental treatment he thinks may help, that's what he'll say: not "I guarantee this new treatment will cure you completely!"

Luckily, there are some real practitioners who will accept cases where they are to cast a reconciliation spell. In general, consider the following to be good rules when it comes to finding an honest and genuine caster of magic spells:

* A genuine spellcaster will never guarantee results. Magic just doesn't work that way. Even doctors don't guarantee that medicines or surgeries will work the way you want; there are too many things that can go wrong. Similarly, magic spells, and love magic in particular, are vulnerable to outside influences and even a promising spellcast can be readily spoiled by both internal and external factors.
* A genuine caster won't pester you to buy so-called "stronger" spells if your original casting doesn't work. Admittedly there might be cases where you're warned in that your problem will need several steps to resolve, but only rarely might a real practitioner ever tell you, unexpectedly, that you have to get more spellwork done after completing your magic spell. (Real examples might be if there's discovered that circumstances took an unexpected turn shortly before the casting, such as your spell-target finding a new lover. This might then require a breakup spell on the new relationship before anything else could progress.) Even in such a case, they won't be pushy about it or demand greater and greater amounts of money under threat of "canceling" your spell or saying your love life will be ruined if you don't buy more things. They will generally just state the problem, and leave it entirely up to you as to whether you want to continue with more spellwork or with their services.
* Anyone who asks for large amounts of money but promises to give it back if the spell doesn't work is a fraud; if a spell is really worth a large sum it either requires lots of hard work or very expensive ingredients, neither of which is a person likely to refund if they really are doing what they claim. Most people who pull this just take your money and run. A real spellcaster asks for what money they need because it is indeed what they need; their expenses and efforts don't just vanish if the spell doesn't come out.

And frankly, with reconciliation and return lover spells, many if not even most cases won't come out. There are a lot of reasons for this. The following are some of the many common, negative behaviors that can be detrimental to spells for love:

Casting too many spells, calling/writing/visiting the target all the time, worrying constantly to the point that the negative emotion corrupts the magic spell's positive influences

Failing to perform elements of your own love spell casting (whether casting yourself or hiring a caster), ignoring the other party in favor of other pursuits, unwillingness to change your own ways for the sake of the relationship

Unwillingness to try to contact or interact with the other party for fear they'll react poorly, allowing the other party to treat you badly for fear that complaining will upset them

Thinking angry thoughts to the point the love spell is ruined by the negative emotion, disapproving if the other party fails to exhibit hurt or despair, attacking the other party physically or verbally

And perhaps the most common and worst error of all...

This is, unfortunately, a frequent mistake. Sometimes it's brought on by well-meant caution -- People don't want to use a scammer by accident, people don't want to spend money they don't have, but this excessive care can lead to real disaster. Most folks I've known who succeeded in using magic to bring back a lost or wandering lover after a breakup, had their successful spell performed within a couple weeks of the breakup. Let me say that again for emphasis: THE MOST POWERFUL LOVE SPELLS SUCCEEDED BY PERFORMING THE SPELL VERY SHORTLY AFTER THE BREAKUP. Not months, not years; but weeks and days, even hours at times. Often they have been practitioners who were prepared with the knowledge of how to cast spells and knew how to do them in a hurry, other times they were people who just raced out and found a good practitioner without delaying the matter. In any case, the lesson is -- if you have had a breakup and think you may wish to use magic to help, do not put it off! Even if you have to learn to cast the spell on your own instead of hiring a professional spellcaster, you're likely to get better results from a well-timed do-it-yourself spell than you will from hiring a pro after it's too late.

Another factor in wasted spellwork, related to the above, is simply having inappropriate expectations about what a magic spell can do. Love spells are some of the most popular magic spells there are. Unfortunately this often occurs because a person has tried everything else in their capabilities and still yielded nothing that works. Nonetheless, the great rule of magic is this:

Magic should be neither your only choice, nor your only hope.

If magic is your very first choice, even above practical steps to achieve your goal, then chances are you won't get far. Magical spells are like wheelchairs or crutches: when you're in some bad luck, they'll help you get where you need to go, but you've still got to go out and make the trip. Do not imagine that magic is going to permit you to just sit back while it throws everything you want right in your lap. We're dealing in real magic here, not fairytales; if magic were so easy as that, people wouldn't be so skeptical about it. Even with a relationship spell helping your case, you must make an appropriate effort cultivate your relationship on your own. Magic can take you so far; but once you're there, you're on your own and the decisions are your responsibility.

Alternately, when magic and spells have become your last chance -- when there are no other practical means available to achieve your end -- then the odds that it will do anything worthwhile for you are slim indeed. Magic is unlikely to cause someone who hasn't talked to you in years, doesn't know how to contact you now, and whom you cannot contact to suddenly come running back. (Hell, where would they go? They can't find you even if the spell works!) Practical options absolutely must be available, even if their current odds of success are slim. You always need to do some practical work to achieve your goal -- magic can work miracles, but that doesn't mean you should count on them occurring. If something is absolutely impossible then magic will not change that.

But wait, there's still more ! -- demonstrating exactly why these bring back lover workings are some of the hardest spells to make work. Another problem I've seen more than once is people seeking the wrong type of spell for their situation. For example, I once met a girl who'd been to another spellcaster and was wondering why none of her love spells were producing results: ultimately, the problem was that the guy had married someone else, but she was only casting love spells and never any breakup spells -- and her love spells totally were working, the guy was cheating all over his wife. But the woman had expected that a love spell on him would make him stop loving his wife. (Even describing it shows the faulty logic.) Another circumstance I see a lot in my readings -- usually with men who want their women back -- is that the problem is really with the client's lack of progress or ambition. Any shot at luring back their loved one relies on the client demonstrating self-improvement. The point is, LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS THE PROBLEM. Far too many people want love spells inappropriately, and yet there are a great many matters beyond lack of love that can drive a person away. This is part of why many people who cast spells require preliminary consults and readings with clients for these kinds of cases, to be certain that we're barking up the correct tree. It's important -- especially if you're doing the work yourself -- to be realistic about the situation. So often I get clients insisting "He only left me because of his family members" or "She only left because of her friends." Nobody only leaves because of that; if they chose their friends over you, there is a reason they liked them better. Worse, are those who declare that it only happened because someone must have placed a "breakup curse" on them -- I've dealt with many of these types and very few could show any good evidence for someone putting a curse on them. Examine your life together; don't be afraid to admit unflattering truths. Did she really leave because her parents have an inexplicable grudge against you and somehow manipulated and forced her to abide their wishes, or did she leave because her parents provide a more loving and secure environment than you do? Do you really have reason to think an enemy who practices black magic decided to specifically ruin your relationship, or could it be that your romance fizzled out on its own because of lack of progression, stress, or some other factor? Are you really as nice and charming as you imagine yourself? Is she really and kind and devoted as you imagined her? Sometimes the breakup wasn't over what you think it was. Perhaps you really don't know what caused it, or perhaps you don't want to admit the real problem out of denial or shame. Most legitimate and real magic spell casters will require a preliminary tarot reading or other consultation for this reason -- to be certain that their magic is tackling the real issue and not just the imagined or desired cause.

Whether you're doing your own reconciliation work or whether you're hiring it out, the fact is that your own mentality plays the most crucial role in the outcome of any work you do. You must be able to think clearly, objectively and quickly. It is, of course, the nature of romantic difficulties to breed a mindset inconducive to this, which ultimately may be the real reason so many reconciliation and return lover spells do not succeed.

To break it down in short, if you want your reconciliation spells to be successful, do the following:

Stay calm. Remember there is still hope.

Accept the limitations. Things might not be as you want them, but ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.

Act fast. Do not put off these kinds of spells.

Act, period. Don't expect magic will handle all the problems for you.

With sound decisions, fast work and a genuinely hopeful attitude, your spells to bring back your lost lover will go much, much more smoothly.


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