Saturday, October 3, 2009

To Show True Colors

I was recently asked by someone if I knew of a spell to make someone "show their true colors." Well, let me tell you, the phrasing was the first thing that struck me, and immediately made me think of those Multi-Color Drip candles, of this type. They seemed a fine basis for such a spell.

Thus, I designed the following. You need:

  • A Multi-Color Drip Candle
  • Untruthful oil
  • Bend Over oil
  • Photograph or name-paper (9x) of target

Dress the candle with the oils, and dot the 4 corners of the photo or paper with the same. Set the candle atop the photo. Light it, while stating your commands (this obviously has a variety of applications: love spells, money spells, business spells -- anything where you find you need to know or to see a person's true feelings.) Let the candle burn down in one go, and finally collect the photo and wax and drop it outside the place you usually see the person.


  1. will this work in a situation where you desire everyone to see the subject in their true form? i already see her for who & what she is, i need the court & it's representatives to see her true colours so that justice can be fairly & accurately served.

    1. Try it and let us know how it comes out.

    2. I was actually just thinking about this spell today and giving it consideration. I would say, if you want to use it to make other people see a person's true colors, you'd need to use another candle to represent the other person(s) to be influenced as well. Dressing would probably depend on the intention -- if you hoped the true colors would reveal favorable aspects, you might dress the observer's candle with Peace oil. If it were for court, probably you'd want to use Court oil on the observer's candle.


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