Thursday, October 8, 2009

Money Stay With Me

Went, today, to have a tooth pulled -- an annoying wisdom tooth with no mate, no chewing capability, and functioning as nothing but a food-catcher. I wanted this thing gone.
Since no exact quote could be given till the doctors could have a look, and I didn't want them surprising me with some $700 bill, I anointed myself -- and the debit card with which I'd be paying for all this -- with my own homemade blend of Money Stay With Me Oil. At the office, they give you a consult (lasts about 5 mins -- and they charge $78 for this alone) after which you pay upfront for the extraction. The bill was a little more than I'd hoped to pay, though not totally unaffordable. Then the receptionist noticed I had some interesting fragrance that she seemed to like a lot. At first I didn't even know what she was talking about (I don't usually get remarks on my hoodoo oils when I wear them) but then realized that it was the Money Stay With Me. I told her it was probably some essential oil's I'd been working with earlier that she smelled (technically true.) She then went and took 10% off my bill. Success!


  1. Does anyone out there know a spell that will increase my finances?

  2. Any Santeria people out there?


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