Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beauty and Glamour Spells

A while ago I had a prospective client asking about a spell to transform her to look like a certain celebrity; she was convinced that she herself was very ugly, and that for some reason she could only succeed in the world if she happened to look exactly like this famous actress. Now, there are certainly spells designed for beauty enhancements, but there is some debate, even amongst magic practitioners, as to if or how far they can physically transform anyone -- notably, spells for changing eye color are popular requests, yet one of the most popular comes with the caveat that "Your parents may see past it, and often spouses or very close friends, because they know you too well."

As for the would-be client, ultimately I turned down the request, as her requirements were beyond my skill in any case. To me, any plausible permanent physical transformation spell would require some kind of highly-targeted change in body chemicals that would cause things like bone-loss or growth, but only in desired places -- and I frankly don't want to risk turning someone into the next Elephant Man if the spell went wrong, assuming I even could succeed at producing so tricky an effect.

However, for the curious, I have recently designed this general glamour spell for the purpose of creating an aura of beauty that one might normally lack. As my favorite designer Erté once said, "A resourceful woman who is plain, can achieve the reputation of a beauty simply by announcing to everybody she meets, that she is one."

For our little action, we'll need:

  • A figural candle (male or female depending on what you are) in yellow or pink
  • A beautification oil such as Glamour, Bewitching, Glow of Attraction, or Look Me Over
  • 1st Pentacle of Mercury

Take the candle, and bore a small hole into the bottom of it at the feet. Fill it with a little bit of your hair or nail clippings or some other DNA source. Seal the sample in place with a bit of melted wax from another (utility) candle.
Next, dress the candle with your selected oil by smearing it onto the candle in an upward direction, till the whole piece is well acoat. Dot the 4 corners of your seal with the same oil.
Finally, set your candle on top of the seal.
Whenever you need a boost to your degree of beauty and allurement, light the candle and let it burn for 30 minutes, then snuff (don't blow) the flame out.


  1. What happens when the figure candle starts to melt and get disfigured?

    1. That's natural to the candle burning process.


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