Monday, May 25, 2009

All-Purpose Formulas

With the hoodoo tradition, there's a formula for near everything -- which makes it something of an obstacle when one can't find the mix at hand that's suited for a new situation. There's also the trouble that a long-time practioner might find, of accumulating bottles and bottles of mixtures for every possible scenario they've seen in the last several years; and then, a new situation comes, now it seems a new bottle is needed.

To help keep things simple, today we are writing on the topic of multipurpose formulas which can be used for all kinds of situations.

Van Van

This is among the most famous formulas, and its uses range from uncrossing to coaxing back a runaway lover. Some even suggest it can be used in harmful magic, though I have yet to be shown the evidence on this one in the form of a reliable spell or report. It appears to work by way of cleaning away troubles and blockages, and reversing bad luck for any situation. It also contains, primarily, the ingredient lemongrass, which can be used to increase the power of any other spell or ingredient.

Special Oil #20

Another well-known blend, often misrepresented as being a stop-gossip blend. While it can doubtless be used for such, it is useful for uncrossings, love, success, money, spirit work, and pretty much any other type of beneficial spell you can imagine. Beware of blends of this that smell too floral -- there's a fake recipe making the rounds of gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and sandalwood. While this would have some multiple uses to it according to tradition, it wouldn't posses the commanding and money-drawing properties true Special #20 needs to have.

Three Kings

This is usually sold as an incense but once in a while is availible as an oil. Would certainly be a fine incense for any situation. It has an obvious spiritual component, but due to other associations like the ancient expense of the ingredients, and the multi-purpose uses many of them inherently posses, this can be used for money, for uncrossing, and probably even for harmful work if one sought.


Another that can be used for both harm and good. Tobacco's main use is to contact spirits, and spirits can do anything they feel like. It's also used in general communication spells, and communication is often an important aspect of matters like love and business.


Like Van Van, this can be used to strengthen any other ingredient, whether it be for good or bad. It is a vey powerful spiritual ingredient.


Control, luck and spirit work can all be achieved with this one. It's based on a Jewish holy oil, and often is used in more ritualistic magic than the simple spells most hoodoo practitioners tend to favor. Still, ingrediently it's sound for all kinds of workings -- the cinnamon and calamus especially would be good for getting control over situations of numerous types.

A stock of these formulas in incense, oils or powders would serve a good caster for most any situation.

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