Saturday, April 4, 2009

What dead celebrities think of their biopics...

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or on my other blog The Hoodoo Review, since it wasn't strictly on-topic for either blog yet seemed a topic of interest to the crowd hereabouts. It's obvious if you are reading this I did make a decision, in any case.

TV medium Ian Lawman was contacted, to ask various dead celebrities what they thought of the Hollywood portrayals of their lives. (As a screenwriter myself, with an interest in history, I've often wondered about this sort of thing.)

Biggie Smalls was angry over Tupac's portrayal in Notorious, and also revealed the initials M and D in relation to the man who really killed him.
Johnny Cash complained that his biopic Walk the Line was too much about drugs, and he was disappointed with how he was portrayed personlitywise by Joaquin Phoenix.
Jim Morrison was actually rather pleased with The Doors, though he made a point of telling Lawman that his fatal overdose wasn't self-administered.
Amusingly, the author of the article speculates that Kurt Cobain had little to say about his portrayal in Gus Van Sant's Last Days, because "it was so arse-gnawingly boring that even Kurt himself didn't sit through the whole thing." Edith Piaf and Sid Vicious also kept silent about any opinions on how thy were portrayed.

You can read the whole article here on The Guardian's website.

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