Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoodoo Money Magic

Ever wonder if maybe inflation is caused by all those people out there casting spells and making prayers to become a millionaire? Maybe that's how the universe is trying to answer them -- make it so that a millionaire is nothing! If a loaf of Roman Meal costs a million dollars, you're still technically a millionaire if you can buy one.

Rarely at Lucky Temple Magic Spells am I asked to help someone build gradual wealth. Instead, people nearly always want spells for instant riches. But think of it this way -- if all it took to gain instant riches was one simple little spell that then just dumps endless money into your lap, wouldn't I just cast the spell for myself, and then not have to work anymore? 

Consulting with the great Marie Laveau through mediumship, she indicated to me that great power is really the key to achieving great wealth. And think about it -- why do you really want all that wealth? Because it gives you power! Because of this, those who are considering magic spells for wealth should perhaps instead contemplate magic spells for power.

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