About the Spell Caster

My name is Talia Felix. I'm the one running this little one-woman show. I believe that anyone can do spells and even write books about how you can cast your own spells and rituals. 

I've been offering spiritual services online since 2008 when I started my first website, Talia's Tarot. Later, when I began offering spells, I moved the domain over to The Lucky Temple. Now I have changed domains again and operate Hoodoo Online.

So why hoodoo? Why not Wicca or something more mainstream? As it fell, in my teens and early twenties I was a little interested in magic as a concept, but most of the available materials were about Wicca, New Age or Ceremonial magic, and none of these appealed to me in the least: Wicca tended to be too restrictive in what was "allowed" to be done, New Age was too focused on self-improvement, and Ceremonial was ridiculously complicated and required too many expensive tools. There is virtually no recent family history of magical practice (the scandal of my great-grandfather and his "Satanic" lodestone aside) so I had to work with what I could learn from books or websites. I didn't fret much about not being able to practice magic, but it happened in about 2006 that I was shopping online for a favorite scented soap of mine, and discovered that one of the retailers selling it specialized in hoodoo supplies. I knew very little about hoodoo, but this made me interested in learning more about it -- and once I began learning it, I realized it was the magic for me. It was the first magic that ever made any sense at all! I buried myself into the study of it, learning the techniques and the logic of it, and the traditions on has to abide. Everything was so perfectly sensible! I studied it very devoutly -- obsessively, even -- and read everything I could get my hands on, then eventually, I started knowing a bit about it. And that led other people knowing I knew about it; which led to people asking me to perform spells on their behalf. 

Honestly, this is NOT a career I'd have exactly chosen for myself. If I could have had any job I wanted, I'd have probably become a screenwriter or an opera singer. But those job prospects weren't yielding anything, and meanwhile I was getting asked by all kinds of people, who were offering me money, if I'd be willing to cast spells for them or do a bit of fortune telling... it appeared that it was time to give in to what was destined for me instead of fighting it. According to tradition, those who are destined to become professional hoodoo practitioners will fail at any other attempted career because it's their inescapable destiny to have to be hoodoo practitioners. It seems it's correct, because here we are. 

Using scientific testing, Talia's magic spells are as effective as anyone else's!

Am I being cute when I say this? Yes I am. But here’s the thing – no amount of money is worth dealing with a person who genuinely believes I can turn a person into a toad or make money fall out of the sky. I am not trying to scam anyone, I don’t want people to feel scammed because they asked me for something impossible, and so I really go out of my way to chase off those who have “excessive faith” in magic. My FAQ is there so I don't have to spend a lot of one-on-one time unselling my services to people.

If you are looking for magic spells based on Dungeons and Dragons or Harry Potter, please go elsewhere. Only those interested in the genuine benefits of real world magic will be served by the powers of hoodoo and folk magic.  

Many people are happy with the results of hoodoo magic spells, and feel that such magic has helped them to achieve things they otherwise could have never accomplished. This does not mean it will do anything and everything, and do please keep in mind that if these things were 100% reliable and worked every time, I could happily charge several thousand or even millions of dollars for the exact same work I currently do for a few hundred. Magic is unreliable. So make sure at least you have a spellcaster you can trust.