Friday, August 2, 2019

Cure for Susto - Simple Home Remedy

Susto is a spiritual illness, known in Latin American countries. It has been more thoroughly explained in posts on this blog here and here.

There are some classic remedies for susto that can be done at home, especially if the case is mild or recently acquired. Here is one.

You need:

  • a bread roll (bolillo rolls are traditional) or a cold tortilla (flour or corn)
  • hard liquor (mezcal or tequila is traditional)
  • a fresh branch or sprig of any aromatic herb (rosemary, juniper, cedar, lavender, etc.)
  • incense (copal is traditional; I personally like Tibetan incense for this for its earthy, grounding scent)

Begin by eating the bread and drinking the liquor, thinking as you do about how it is correcting the susto. The liquor is believed to help stabilize your body, and the bread fills the stomach and helps to settle down the condition.

Next, undress at least down to your underwear. Light the incense, and while it burns, pass the herb across your body in downward sweeping motions (some practitioners use X shaped motions, but still traveling downward.) Work from head to foot, and repeat as many times as it takes to feel the tension lifted. If you know you're afflicted with susto you will know when you're starting to feel better.

When complete, toss the herb branch into a fire or into a crossroads to dispose of it.

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