Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Magic Spell for Closure or Completion - Breaking Free and Disconnecting

This spell is far milder than a Cut and Clear or a Separation spell. It isn't really meant to get rid of a person that's causing trouble or to break bad habits, but rather to disconnect from a situation that's draining your energy. Examples might be a fight you had with a loved one which you are not getting over even though the relationship is otherwise good, or a big project at work that you've finished but you are still fretting about while you worry over the outcome.

This spell is also good for when you've done a spellcast and you need to disconnect while waiting for the outcome. Many people continue to fret and fuss over a spell while awaiting the results, even though doing so can damage the power of the spell from the negative energy it creates. This spell may help, and you might also look at these tips for staying occupied while waiting for spell manifestation.

You need:

Prepare the herbs by boiling them in water to make a strong infusion. Strain the herbs out and add this herb water to your bath. Soak in the water at least until your skin begins to prune -- this means your skin is absorbing the mixture. Let the bath water drain away when you're done. (Note: if you don't have a bathtub, you can let the infusion cool and spongebathe with it, or slowly pour the mixture over your head. If you do this, do not towel-dry afterward but instead be sure to let the infusion air dry on.)

Prepare your double-action candle by butting it -- this means you snip off the wick, then flip the candle around and scrape away enough of the base of the candle to expose new wick and create a new top of the candle. On the black side, carve in a downward spiral a short description of what you want to break from (example: "obsession over spellcast".) On the blue side (or white side) carve in an upward spiral a short description of what you want to have instead (example: "contentment and confidence.")

Dress the black side of the candle with Sage oil to clear negative energy, and dress the blue or white side with New Life oil. Set up your candle, and lighting the black end, burn it all in one go.

NOTE: Double action candles are most often found in the colors white and black, red and black or green and black. You can make your own blue and black double action candle by dipping the end of a blue candle into melted black wax in order to coat it halfway up the length of a candle. You always coat the base side of the candle in black, never the top, as the ritual butting of the candle is considered part of the spellwork, representing "turning around" a situation.


  1. Thank you for the spells and I love when you post them. I have everything for the spell except I can’t seem to get my hands on New Life oil. Do you have a recipe for it or a substitution?

  2. "The Conjure Cookbook" contains a recipe for New Life oil. If you prefer to buy it readymade, you may have to go to a place like Original Botanica or Lucky Hoodoo Products that can custom make a blend for you. It used to be available from Anna Riva but it appears to have been discontinued.


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