Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Healing Bath Candle Magic Spell

This spell is intended to aid with healing physical health problems. This spell should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, and it should be noted that spells of this type often make ailments appear more severe in order to force you to seek medical aid or to make the condition more identifiable to a doctor. It will help speed healing if the complaint is a minor one, but will help you do what's needed with medicine for more extreme conditions. It's often a good choice when you've been suffering from a condition that is unclear -- such as an earache that could be nothing or could be an infection. The spell will bring on either the healing or the alert to seek medical help.

As always with spiritual baths, do not use any other soaps, shaving creams or shampoos in the bath. Take a separate shower first if you need to do any of these things. The spiritual bath should be dedicated to spiritual cleansing alone.

You need:
2 blue chime candles
Healing oil OR Radiant Health oil
3 parts dried rosemary
2 parts dried lavender
2 parts dried rose petals
1 part dried peppermint
1 part cinnamon chips
muslin or cheesecloth bag

  • Place the herbs into the bag. This combination of herbs is reputed by Scott Cunningham to aid with healing.
  • Draw a bath as hot as you can stand, and drop the herb bundle into the water. Let it steep into the water.
  • While the bath is being prepared, dress the two blue candles with Healing oil. Set up one candle on each side of the bathtub so that one will sit at your right and one at your left.
  • When the bath is ready, light the candles and step into the water.
  • Remain in the bath for at least 30 minutes. You can apply the herb bag to any particular body part afflicted in order to concentrate the energy while you soak. 
  • When you are done with the bath, drain the tub, and throw away the used herbs. The candles should be left to burn all the way down by themselves -- if you cannot allow them to do this in the bathroom, it is acceptable to remove them to some other location where they can burn undisturbed. 

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