Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lucky Black Cat

from an old Spanish language San Cipriano grimoire:

Procure a black cat, and every Tuesday at midnight, rub his back with some salt, while reciting the following prayer:

O Sovereign Planet! You that in this hour rules over the moon, I conjure you by the virtue of this salt and of this black cat, and in the name of God the Creator, that you give me every sort of benefit, constant good health, and perpetual peace and prosperity. 


  1. Hi Talia! I'm a viewer of your other blog, the Gibson Girl's Guide to Glamor, and was wondering what happened to your old blog? Sorry for posting here, I just couldn't find another way to contact you. Have a great one :)

    1. Hi! Nice to hear someone liked that blog... I kept trying and trying to get that blog to make money through ads or through selling products but it never was successful; and then material from it just started getting plagiarized onto other sites. I took it down a couple years ago, figuring maybe someday I can rework the material into a book or something that might actually make some money.

    2. Ah! I'm sorry to hear that. Best of luck! Your content is so cool and unique, and it's really nice to see someone put so much research and effort into their content. I'll be sure to keep an eye out, and follow this blog as well!


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