Sunday, May 29, 2016

Love Spells Cast for You - Hoodoo and Voodoo

If you have never used magic before, it's very possible you are turning to it for the first time over a difficult love situation. Folklore and Hollywood are filled with stories about love spells being used to win the heart of a desired person. But what are the things you should know in advance of doing such magic?

1. It's not a mind control spell.

In reality, if magic could regularly do such dramatic things as force a persons mind, it wouldn't be an "unproven" practice. It's true that one finds accounts of such happenings in old folklore, but either these stories have been exaggerated (if you ever lived in a small rural town you may have seen how gossip spreads and transforms into the most bizarre stories) or, some believe that in the past when life was more simple, the influence of a spell could have been enough to seem to control a person who lived a simple life and was otherwise not used to decision-making, such as a slave or low servant or a rural subsistence farmer. Of course, nowadays we routinely use our judgment and do not instantly do everything we're told by TV or magazines or friends without question simply because it was suggested. Thus, just because a person receives a mental message to do something, does not necessarily mean they will follow up on it.

In effect, it is virtually impossible to actually control someone's mind with magic. Therefore you cannot expect a love spell to work on a person who never heard of you, or who utterly hates you, or who has strong reasons not to be in a relationship with you. Their better judgment will override the "strange thoughts" that the magic is producing -- in fact, people in such conditions will often recognize that a spell is being cast on them and will become all the more resistant to it!

2. A love spell is not a breakup spell

Often people will expect that casting a love spell on a person will make that person leave a preexisting rival relationship. I've seen many people upset that the love spells they cast "didn't work" because it didn't cause their lover to dump a rival.

Love spells are love spells. They do not deprive a person of love for someone else.

3. Expect to make an effort

While you might sometimes get lucky and find that the magic spell handles everything you needed, most of the time you will need to take some kind of practical measure towards getting the outcome you want. For example, if you cast a love spell on someone you never went out with before, try casting the spell then asking them out in a reasonable, friendly manner. Or if the spell is to help with mending an existing relationship, expect to make sacrifices and allowances in order to keep the peace. Remember, you have to be mindful of the other person's happiness as well, and they might not want the same things as you want.

4. It doesn't make them a better person or a more romantic person

It's one thing if a formerly passionate love is fading -- that is something magic is famous for helping to remedy, to bring back hot loving. However, many people contact me wanting a relationship that was never to their liking in the first place to be altered. Typically, this means "make him/her stop acting the way he/she does" and "make him/her more romantic."

This hearkens back to point #1, but the fact is it's probably going to be easier to do a love spell to bring you an all-new lover who meets your criteria than to force your current partner to change their ways.

In the end, the key to having a good relationship with magic is to ALWAYS REMEMBER IT IS UNPROVEN. This will help guard you against excessive expectations, as well as prepare you for the skeptical and disappointed reactions you will find from many people in the event that you admit to practicing such things.

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