Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Intranquil Spirit Spellbook

Are you a practitioner looking for historical information? A lover whose romantic life is turning sour? Either way, The Intranquil Spirit may be able to help...

The Intranquil Spirit is needlessly feared and much misunderstood by people who have confused and conflated him with other entities like the nameless "intranquil spirits" that haunt the men of the world. The Intranquil Spirit (and his friends, the Seven Intranquil Spirits) are actually exclusively called upon for assistance in love affairs, and seem to have acquired their most negative associations only recently.

I have seen lots of the most difficult love cases helped by the Intranquil Spirit. He has brought back many a cranky, difficult lover that no other working could. Part of the confusion seems to stem from the way that the Intranquilo doesn't consider it his duty to stick around and hold the lover with you -- once he sees you're together, you're on your own. Some people interpret this as the Spirit "sabotaging your relationship" or "demanding more sacrifices" but the fact is, many other entities you can call on for aid will behave in the same way.

This new book, full of the latest research, shows you many variants on the spell, including traditional versions worked with lamps and tobacco (instead of candles) as well as prayers to the Intranquil Spirit and other entities who can help in your cause.

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