Thursday, July 16, 2015

Caveat Emptor -- What You Need to Know About Buying Magic Spells

Recently had a situation that is thankfully rare, but nevertheless unsettling because I try to make sure it never happens -- a customer who already purchased a spellcast changed their mind about it. In this case the reason was that they had apparently not read the FAQ  or the other information about buying a magic spell before making their purchase, and didn't ask basic questions about what was being promised until after the spell was bought by them and supplies ordered by me. Several days after buying the spell it occurred to them to ask what my guarantees were, and they immediately wanted a refund when I answered that there is no guarantee. I gave them a partial refund for the portion of the services not yet rendered, but with any service-based purchase it is your job to be clear on what you are buying before you buy it. The FAQ, as well as several other pages on this site, strive to make it absolutely clear that there are no guarantees that your magic spell will "work" in some specific way. I promise to cast your spell according to traditional methods -- what results if any will be produced by that casting are not in my control after that. 

There are reasons I that I make it hard to email me without reading a bunch of information first. I want you to know what you're getting, and I don't want to deal with disappointed customers who had expectations based on things I never promised. Read the FAQ, and if you still have questions after that, email me.

When customers come to me requesting a spellcast, I usually have a few questions for them before deciding if I'll agree to the work. These questions of course will vary depending on what information the customer has given me already, and what kind of spell they want.

If the customer has forgotten to tell me what kind of spell they want or what purpose the spell is for, of course I will inquire about that.

If the spell is meant to be directed at someone else -- especially if it's to influence another's thoughts or actions -- I will ask questions about how well they know the person or how long it's been since they were last in contact. Sometimes I will ask if they have any personal items from the target, and I might refuse to cast the spell if they can't offer any.

Customer inquiries often fail to mention how many days of work they're looking for. In such cases I, of course, have to ask about that. I can spot a person who hasn't read the FAQ pages when I ask how many days they want and they don't know what I'm talking about or assume that I'm asking how fast they want the spell to work.

Once everything is settled and assuming I agree to perform the magic spell, I send the person a money request through Paypal. When I do this, I expect it to be paid within 3 days or else I cancel the money request and move on. Most people pay right away -- and once they're paid up, I can begin ordering the necessary spell supplies for their castings.

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