Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meaning and Symbols of Flowers

What each flower enumerated, signifies, when sent to a friend or lover.

  Almond, flowering—Concealed love.
  Althea, Frutex—I am deeply in love.
  Amaranth—Immortality, or piety.
  Anemone—Fading hope.
  Arbor-Vitae—Unchanging friendship.
  Auricula, Scarlet—Pride. You are proud.
  Bachelor's button—Hope in love.
  Balm—I long for your society.
  Balsamine—Impatience; or, pray come.
  Bay Leaf—I change but in dying.
  Box—I believe in your constancy.
  Buttercup—Riches. You are rich.
  Calla Ethiopica—Magnificent beauty.
  Carnation—Pride and Beauty.
  Camelia Japonica—Surpassing excellence.
  Cedar—Think of me.
  China Aster—Caprice.
  Cypress—Despair, and without hope.
  Dahlia—Dignity—I will sustain it.
  Daisy—Youthful beauty.
  Dandelion—Coquetry, I accuse you of.
  Eglantine—I wound to heal.
  Forget-me-not—True love for ever.
  Fox-glove—Insincerity. You are false.
  Geranium—Gentility and elegance.
  Gilly-Flower—Thou art fair.
  Golden Rod—Encouragement. You will succeed.
  Heart's Ease—Love in idleness.
  Heliotrope—Devotion. Let us pray for each other.
  Hellebore—Calumny. You have listened.
  Hollyhock—Ambition. I seek glory.
  Honeysuckle—Dost thou love me?
  Houstonia—Content ever with thee.
  Hyacinth, Purple—Sorrow. I am sad.
  Ivy—Wedded Love. We are happy.
  Jasmine, White—I desire a return of my affection.
  Laurel—Ambition. I will win.
  Laurustinus—A token. Pray remember.
  Lily, White—Purity and beauty.
  Magnolia—You are beautiful.
  Marigold—Jealousy—I have cause.
  Mignionette—I live for thee.
  Moss—Patience, or pray wait.
  Oak-Leaf—Courage. I will endure.
  Passion-Flower—Piety. Trust in God.
  Periwinkle—Memory. Never forget.
  Pink—Household love. I am at home.
  Primrose—Neglected merit.
  Rose—Love, or I love you.
  Rue—Disdain. Go: never return.
  Snow-drop—Faithful in adversity.
  Thyme—Thriftiness. I am diligent.
  Tulip—Beautiful eyes. Look on me.
  Violet—I dream of thee.
  Willow—Forsaken—never more.
  Wheat—Prosperity—I wish thee.
  Yew—Penitence. I am sorry.

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