Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Reconciliation Vs. Lover Return Hoodoo Magic

Some people looking to return a lover might wonder if there is a difference between different hoodoo formulas with names like Lover Return, Reconciliation, Return to Me, Draw Back, etc.

The fact is, many manufacturers of hoodoo products might have little to no difference between these types of mixtures, even within the same company. I know for a fact there are some makers who sell the same product with different labels as Bring Back Love, Stay With Me, Don't Leave Me, and dozens of other names.

So, the simple answer is that in many cases there actually might be no difference at all.

Ideally, however, a blend like Reconciliation should put more emphasis on healing and regaining trust and understanding. One could even use it just to heal a rift between friends, not just as a love-drawing mix. Meanwhile, mixtures like Return to Me, Bring Back Love, Draw Back, etc. are supposed to have a bit more of a commanding influence added to them to help compel the ex-lover back. Using a formula like Reconciliation or any love drawing mix like Come to Me combined with a mixture like Command and Compel would be equal. 

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