Monday, May 18, 2015

Fast Luck Spray Formula

Want to do a Fast Luck spell and need it faster than you can wash the floors or burn some incense? Try this spiritual spray:

You Need:
vanilla extract
cinnamon leaf essential oil (cinnamon oil is also acceptable but it can be irritating -- if using, be careful to keep the spray away from your eyes or face.)
wintergreen essential oil
91% rubbing alcohol
a small spray bottle

As always, quantities are unimportant in magic, so just do this till the blend seems right to you. Pour some vanilla extract into the spray bottle, then add a few drops of the cinnamon and wintergreen oils. Top off with some rubbing alcohol to dilute. Shake well, and you have yourself some Fast Luck spray!

You can find many more homemade conjure recipes in The Conjure Cookbook.

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