Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For Effective Spells that Work, use Fast Magic Spells

This old post about time and love magic should be read by anyone considering love spells or other kinds of spells.

A while ago I was on vacation, during which I found it necessary to cast some magic spells. Since I didn't have any supplies with me as I was traveling, I had to outsource the work to another professional caster until I could get back home to work things myself. This other worker I contacted, however, had some obvious differences in philosophy from me -- in particular, she seemed to think one should put off work in order to do it 'right' later. Whereas I felt it's better to get work done more quickly even if it's slipshod -- a stitch in time saves nine, as they say; and a safety pin in time will probably keep you from needing nine stitches later on, as well. See, the old saying "A stitch in time saves nine" refers to a practice most people don't do anymore -- repairing a damaged piece of clothing. When you notice a small tear or hole, putting in one stitch to repair it right away keeps it from worsening. Whereas leaving it, tends to make the hole expand -- and so a hole that could have been fixed in a hurry with one stitch now needs nine to be repaired. It's basically a lesson about getting things fixed right away when you see a problem. If you don't have sewing thread, pinning the tear or taking some other measure to retard the damage till you get some will certainly be better than running around with an ever-expanding hole in your clothing.

Thing is, if you have the resources to do a thorough job from the beginning, that's great and ought to be done. But putting off doing work for lack of resources still allows messes to get bigger and bigger. Think of a plumbing problem --  you wake to find your bathroom sink is leaking and dripping onto the floor. You don't have any tools or know-how for a serious DIY job, and you don't have access to a pro plumber for another week. So, putting a bucket under it and wrapping some duct tape around the pipe is an acceptable way to fix it for now. Maybe the duct tape holds so well you even wind up choosing not to bother with the plumber at all. By comparison, if you just leave the sink dripping water everywhere for a week, waiting to call the plumber, by the end you've destroyed your bathroom floor with the dripping water and caused a huge mildew problem, and maybe even slipped in the puddle and hurt yourself a couple times. Was it worth the wait? No.

So, that's how I recommend spells be done -- even if you need to use lesser quality work, it's better to get something useful done at once, instead of leaving matters to worsen and worsen while you prepare or save up for something of higher quality. This is especially true for love workings. Nothing exasperates me more than folks who wait months to get reconciliation work, when they'd have had a much easier time of it had they tried it right away when the breakup happened.

Do not delay your magic spells -- get them as soon as you can!


Not too often, but somewhat regularly, I get people requesting return lover spells from me for people they broke up with months or even years ago. I am usually hesitant to take on a case where the breakup occurred more than 3 months ago, and only under very specific (and quite uncommon) circumstances would I even consider doing a return lover spell when the breakup happened over a year ago.

Recently a client asked my why time is a factor in these spells. This isn't a bad question, and I will confess that like with so much magical action, if I absolutely knew the answer then I'd probably be one step closer to being able to prove magic as scientific fact. Since we currently do not know why magic works we cannot answer this absolutely, but based on observation I can surmise the following:

  • You can't make someone love you and act upon it without reason. There's got to be something to build upon. Even if they feel the love, they need to feel reasonable in acting upon it. The more time that's passed without contact (or without favorable contact), the more it's like trying to force a total stranger to love you -- even if you succeed in inspiring love in them, they probably won't be able to act on it if they can't contact you or if they know realistically it would damage their life. If your ex has moved on and is setting up a new life for himself, going backwards to reestablish a failed romance doesn't make any sense. It's best to catch them before things change too much.
  • Think about someone you loved in the past but are completely over now. Maybe it was some movie star you fawned over when you were 14 but couldn't care less about 10 or 20 or 30+ years later. You see how the affection fades, the importance you attached to them gradually vanished? You probably barely think about that person anymore. What they do has no impact on your life. If that movie star suddenly approached you now with a serious marriage proposal, you'd probably be disturbed and confused, not happy. If a long time has passed without contact from your ex, odds are that is her position. 
  • Also, as mentioned in this old post, a sudden gush of affection can be enough to bring back a lost lover only if it's been a short while since the breakup -- it can be enough to make him or her doubt the decision to leave. Similar to what was said above, when that decision has been fixed and the consequences all accepted, it's harder for them to want to revert to the way things were. 

Always remember that magic isn't a cure-all, and it's definitely not like you see in movies. If it could really brainwash people into "true love" on a routine basis there wouldn't be any question about whether or not it is real or legitimate. Magic is subtle and rarely produces results that couldn't be attributed to some other everyday cause. If magic is really your only hope, then magic is probably not for you to be using anymore.

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