Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top 5 Spellcast Mistakes

  1. Being overly specific
  2. Presuming one action leads to another
  3. Expecting too much
  4. Obsessing about the spell
  5. Trying to enhance the work without knowing how
Are you casting a job spell where you'll only accept a specific job at a specific company? Are you performing a ritual where you expect to make your ex send you an email and just assuming that once she emails you she'll reveal her true feelings which you're sure will be favorable to you? Are you presuming that after you do a magic spell for money that you'll become a mega-millionaire when you earned minimum wage before? Are you fretting all the time about what will happen if the spell fails or worrying about if it's worked yet? Are you trying to ensure it will work by hiring other spellcasts, buying up talismans, taking cleansing baths and opening up the mojo bag you received to insert stronger ingredients?

All these things can be fatal to the outcome of a spell. Do not fall into these traps!

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