Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hoodoo Voodoo Black Magic Spell Casts for Death and Destruction

In what is probably a surprise to many people, lots of hoodoo style spell casters will not perform negative workings like death spells or jinxes. Despite a culture that considers "voodoo" and "hoodoo" to be synonymous with evil and black magic, the fact is that hoodoo is used for lots of other purposes; and, furthermore, many practitioners have moral or religious objections to performing these types of wicked workings -- even if they might know how to perform them, they won't.

I am one of the practitioners that will perform harmful magic spells. I've even written a book teaching how to perform them. That said, I don't do cursing spells indiscriminately -- I will usually be willing to perform a spell of equal payback for anyone, and otherwise I will do death and misfortune magic in suitable cases.

Examples of unsuitable cases I might get are:

*When the curse isn't the point -- for example, someone who wants someone dead because he's a love rival. The death of this person isn't really what's desired, but the acquiring of the woman. I turn these down, as well as any other type of spell, good or bad, where one event is presumed to lead to an indirect outcome.

*When someone wants a really specific misfortune to befall a person, such as "I want her arm to feel like it's on fire all the time and for her dog to die." These I won't do -- I will only do misfortunes of a general sort.

*People who lie and give really suspicious motives for why they want the work done. If you're lying about why you want the work, that potentially even negates the ability of the spell to succeed, if it's a revenge spell -- but worse, it indicates that even you think your real motive is a poor one and you're too ashamed to admit what it's actually about. If it's not really a good reason, don't waste your time or money getting hexing spells done.

If you want a cursing spell done to bring someone misfortune, read the FAQ and learn how to get genuine black magic spells done on your behalf!

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