Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Real Magical Spell to Transform Your Appearance

Makeup is devised from a composition of chemicals, oils, minerals and waters to create a mixture which achieves a specific purpose. This is in other words, a magical formula -- see The Petit Albert for some more examples of makeup formulas in magic.

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  1. What i love about this blog the most, is how every time i enter, the last article seems like it had been written especially for me. It happened a few times now, like when i had my heart broken by someone and then i saw your 'heartache can cause death'. Or something along these lines, and so, i've learned....In this example, just the last couple of days i was browsing through youtube, looking for natural ways to enhance ones appearance and came across a youtube channel of a known makeup artist. To see just how she transformed herself from an asian girl, into an angelina jolie look-alike, was absolutely amazing. THAT is glamour. Just making other people see you in a diffrenet light. Truly, magic works everyday, and on so many different levels... anyway, thank you for your blog :-)


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