Sunday, June 8, 2014

Van Van Magic Spell for Good Luck and Cleansing


Van Van Bath Salt or Powder (enough for 1 bath)
Basil Essential Oil
Van Van Perfume
Van Van Oil
Rabbit's Foot or other Lucky Talisman

  1. Begin by mixing 3 drops of Basil oil into the Van Van powder or bath salt. Draw a bath for yourself and bathe in this mixture, staying in the water for at least 30 minutes. Scrub downward, then upward so as to fist clean off negative influence then draw up positive energy.
  2. After the bath, set up a small cauldron or other suitable fireproof container.  Pour some Van Van perfume into the cauldron and then light it on fire. Warm the talisman gently over the flames from this cauldron (do not let it singe or catch fire -- remember, you're holding it OVER the flames, not in them.) 
  3. When the fire burns out, dress the talisman in Van Van oil, and consider it ready for use. Carry it with you for luck. 

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