Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hungary Water Spiritual Cologne

The first I heard of Hungary Water was in Denise Alvarado's Gypsy Wisdom Spellbook where she admitted the recipe was borrowed from Rosemary Gladstar. I made the Gladstar recipe, which strictly speaking is more of a Hungary Vinegar. True Hungary Water is an alcohol perfume/tonic with rosemary or rosemary flowers as the primary ingredient. The recipe for it in the Petit Albert goes like this:

"You put into an alembic a pound and a half of very fresh rosemary flowers, a half pound of pennyroyal flowers, a half pound of marjoram flowers, two pounds of lavender flowers, and cover this all with three pints of good aqua vitae. Having well-stopped the alembic to prevent evaporation, you place it for twenty-four hours into digestion in very hot horse dung; then you put it to distill in a bain-marie."

If that's too complex for you, Culpeper mentions in his herbal that it can be "crudely" made from rosemary oil added to alcohol. This Victorian Era recipe might make a good compromise between the elaborately distilled formula and a homemade cologne:

Grape spirit (60 over proof) 1 gallon. 
Otto of Hungarian rosemary, 2 ounces. 
Otto of lemon peel, 1 ounce. 
Otto of balm (melissa) 1 ounce. 
Otto of mint (m. viridis) 1/2 dram. 
Esprit de rose (triple) 1 pint. 
Extract of orange flower, 1 pint. 
Rectified alcohol, 1 gallon. 
Otto of rose, 3 ounces.

Combine, mix. Let sit 1 month before use.

Nowadays the spiritual workers like to use Florida Water for purification. More traditionally Bay Rum was used for this purpose. Yet, I find Hungary Water is the best -- it's cleaner, sharper and more disinfectant than the others, and a much, much older recipe. Spray your candles down with some of this and just see if any negative energy remains on them!

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