Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Way to Use Petition Papers with Glass Candles

I've seen botanicas that add the petition paper to the candle this way, by writing it very small and then wrapping it about the wick. It's not a bad way to do it, as it conceals the petition from prying eyes and eliminates the need to dispose of it separately.


  1. I have seen this and also poking the candle and inserting the paper that way. Thanks for the post !

  2. I always wondered, how do we properly dispose of petitioner's paper ? I've always applied "the rule of thumb" here, bury in yard for positive, crossroads or river for negative, and If it was for other people burning after being done with the rite, and blowing ashes in the direction where they live.
    Sometimes, I'd also allow the remaining wax to harden around in, making it thus like a waxen charm/talisman and placing in a mojo bag.
    This is a great idea.

    Have a great weekend Miss Talia :)

    1. Thank you, Shadow! I usually dispose of the paper with the rest of the spell remains. Common exceptions are a) if I plan to do more work for the exact same purpose, I might reuse the same paper. b) if the petition was very elaborate and involved magical seals or what written on special material, I might keep the paper as a talisman in its own right.


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