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Did Nostradamus Predict the Death of Madonna?

I've been a fan of this guy's website for a long time. I have to admit, he often uses rather free wordings of already freely translated prophecies, meaning what he predicts isn't always accurate even to what Nostradamus actually said. Also have to admit he's sometimes guilty of the old "my prediction was a success because [something that wasn't what was predicted] happened, just as I said!"

But anyway... I still love this website, and maybe some of it will come true like he says!

My personal favorite prediction -- the Madonna/Modena prophecy.
According to the prophet Nostradamus someone named "Modena" will still die due to a conspiracy of two individuals. His prediction should remain a continued cause for concern to the only woman whose name closely conforms with this word.

His prediction is based on this verse from Nostradamus, Century 6, #73:
En cité grande un moyne & artisan,
Pres de la porte logez [logis] & aux murailles,
Contre Modene secret, cave disant,
Trahis pour faire sous couleur d'espousailles.
(My translation: In a great city a monk and artisan, close to the gatehouse and to the walls, against Modena hidden, hollow they speak, betrayed for acting under pretense of a wedding. I'm guilty of assuming logez is a misspelling for logis, since the sentence doesn't make good sense translated exactly: "close to the entry youse guys abide, and to the walls" etc. whereas a porte logis is a gatehouse that makes sense to be near the city walls. Also note that punctuation wasn't standardized in those days, you can freely replace those commas wherever you want.)

He reads Modene as Madonna and tends to work his theory around the modern meaning of the word cave to mean a theater (it did not have this connotation in the time of Nostradamus.) He also uses this one:
De nuict dans lict le supresme estrangle,
Pour trop avoir sejourné blond esleu,
Par trois l'Empire subroge exancle
A mort mettra, carte & paquet ne leu.

(By night in bed the supreme strangulation, for having overly lingered, elected blond, by three the empire substituted ex anclo, put to death, paper and packet read not. I think this Nostradamus guy was really struggling for rhymes here.)

Anyway... the Madonna Prophecy has been updated more recently, though still a little outdated ("Madonna may die as late as November 2013.") The author now says Madonna has bigger plans and means to rule the world, and that she's the Whore of Babylon in the Bible as well. He also says she's the one who cast a death curse on Michael Jackson (makes more sense than that lady from Arizona.)

I fear very much that Madonna, and her children, are being set up for something very awful ... and it all revolves around her role as the "Whore of Babylon." She made a fateful decision a long time ago that she would be come a goddess, in her words "to rule the world." Now she has no choice but to fulfill her destiny by appealing to her true God, Ba'al ... both to satisfy her dream and also to satisfy the dark forces that have been supporting her all of these years. These "powers that be" recognise the tremendous potential Lady Gaga offers to achieve their goals far more quickly. But first she needs to establish herself in a way only Madonna has been able to do. They would prefer still to instead have Madonna fulfill their objectives; but time is running out. Every day Gaga gets stronger, Madonna becomes weaker. 

Then there's another page about her downfall here.

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  1. get a life... you don't know beans obout phrofecies or anything, stop comparing the queen madonna with that bitch lady gaga...


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