Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"I've Tried Other Spellcasters Who Failed"

I've been casting spells for a few years, and admit it seems to be a real roadway to bitterness. One reason for this is over time you begin to see the same patterns over and over, and gradually discover you can't seem to do anything for these folks.

One such pattern: "I've tried other spellcasters who failed." While I don't like to receive feedback about my spellcasts (it's bad luck to discuss a spell when it's in progress, and worse luck to fret about whether a spell is working or not) I don't get a sense like I was ever able to do much for people with this complaint. Why? Well, in my opinion --

People who have used other "failed" spellcasts yet keep on using magic toward the same purpose, have unreasonable expectations for one reason or another. 

Maybe some of the so-called failures by other spellcasters were actually successes but didn't bring the exact result this person expected in the way he expected it. Maybe the issue is that his desire is something extremely improbable or even impossible, like wanting a magic spell to make him rich for no reason or a love spell to win some specific person who he's never met and doesn't know how to contact, and neither the best nor the worst casters are actually capable of achieving it. Or maybe it's a reasonable request per se but for whatever reason, the spirits all agree that they don't want to give it to him -- maybe it's not part of his life path or getting it is going to affect him in ways he's not realizing. Or perhaps he keeps going to scammers because they're always willing to promise him his heart's desire, or claim that he's assuredly "destined" to have his wish and the only thing stopping it is some kind of black magic which needs to be removed (NB: if it's a scam, none of this is actually true.)  It could be any of these things, or other reasons beyond them.

The result is, however -- if you've been to multiple spellcasters who all failed, perhaps you need to reexamine what you're doing. You might be after something that's unachievable or have expectations based on unrealistic desires.

There is one exception, which is rare but sometimes happens.

I have heard a few reliable reports of people whose spells kept failing because they were being blocked or crossed by other magic spells. For example, I've known some folks whose love spells weren't succeeding because their target had his or her own magical protections in place, or else already had another rival who was using magic to hold the person. Understand that it's not common and probably oughtn't be assumed, unless you can really see evidence for this (for example, if you're trying to cast a love spell on someone you already know is another witchcraft practitioner.) If you've been to another fortune teller or spellcaster who told you that you were being blocked by witchcraft or evil spirits, but didn't seem to succeed in improving things, be cautious -- they may have just been trying to scam you. A way to test the truth of such a claim is to do some easy Uncrossing work on yourself or your spell target -- if you begin to see improvements when doing this, then there is real evidence that your problem is a rival spell. 

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