Sunday, July 14, 2013

Learn the Truth About Your Loved Ones

Write your lover's name three times in ink on a small paper. Dot the corners of the paper with Psychic Vision oil and sprinkle a pinch of rue over the name. Fold this paper up, toward yourself, and slip it inside your pillowcase or under your pillow before retiring. 

Like most spells, the results might not be instant nor delivered in "supernatural" ways -- yes, you *could* have a dream that will tell you everything the very first night, or, you you also *could* just discover that you better observe your lover's actions on subsequent visits and are able to discern more about them than you had previously. 

Remember, as Leland puts it -- "Only help to thee, my dear."


  1. I was wondering, could this be used on people who are not our lovers, perhaps our friends or even people we are not very familiar with ?

    1. You could certainly give it a try -- let us know how it comes out.

      According to Yronwode's "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" rue is "used for help in love and health" and "gives wisdom and insight to help you see the truth about your lover." So, traditionally, it seems to be love exclusive.


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