Friday, June 14, 2013

Lottery Winning Spells

Without question, the kind of money spell I am asked to cast most commonly is a spell to make someone win the lottery. I always turn these people down. Why? Because, frankly, if I could cast this kind of spell, I wouldn't be casting it for clients. In fact I wouldn't even be in this business -- I'd just cast a periodic lotto spell for myself and retire from business altogether.I'm not doing this magic spell casting for my health, folks: it's work. 

I also occasionally get asked to use my fortune telling for predicting lottery numbers. Same rules as above: if that's all it took, I'd not be in the business. Most of my fortune telling methods work on the basis of noting and observing coming tendencies, and winning lotto numbers are normally chosen by random chance, such that there's really little way to know them ahead of time what they'd be (not to mention everyone and his mom is casting lotto winning spells and ruining the odds for everyone, canceling each other out...) 

I say with magic, never use it as a last resort, nor as a first resort -- if your only chance for achieving something is by using a magic spell, don't bother.

A discussion on had the following thoughts...

ajgeek: Money is like gravity, the more you have, the more will come in. Lottery winners seem to be the only exception to this rule. 
dittybopper: Well, no, because you provided the clue as to why that's not really true: Lottery winners. Generally, lottery winners are people who aren't used to husbanding large amounts of assets. The [sic] never learned the particular skill set that goes along with having lots of money. So they burn through it fairly quickly. It's almost a cliche that lottery winners end up broke after 10 years. It's not the money itself, it's the fact that people who are good at handling money are good at handling money.

It is perhaps worth noting that the most common type of money spell I am asked for, is to cast a spell to make someone win the lottery. I virtually never agree to cast these spells because they're a waste of time, not just because they probably won't work (*everyone* does spells to win the lotto; and if they were that easy to do, I'd just cast one for myself and retire) but also it's not a legitimate way to riches.

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