Friday, April 12, 2013

Smoke It Up! Incense Magick Spells

Candle magick is a popular method of spell casting, whereby the heat and light of candles is used to bring about the energy needed to thrust one's desire into the physical realm... but there are some who say that incense should be burnt as part of every spell. In fact, old sources like Agrippa's "Occult Philosophy" and "The Petit Albert" barely even mention candles, but talk frequently of incense and its importance in magick.

In fact, the magical works of L.W. De Laurence also promote the use of incense alone for casting magic spells. De Laurence in particular recommends the use of Temple Incense, an old oriental perfume mixture made from sandalwood, patchouli, star anise and other fragrances.

Incense is frequently believed to appeal to helpful spirits and entities, as well as to create an atmosphere that will lead one to positive thoughts and attractive energies.

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