Monday, April 15, 2013

Genital Snatching by Magic

This article from Alternet reports about the supposed rise in 'penis stealing' in Africa -- a tactic said to be done by magic in order to sell the body parts to use for other magic.

In Africa today, scholars who study penis snatching understand it mainly as an urban phenomenon—an extreme expression of the anxieties that pervade a city when villagers become urbanites en masse, living among throngs of unfamiliar people. That’s because most cases have been reported in crowded spots like Lagos, in Nigeria, and Douala, in Cameroon. But here I was in Tiringoulou—a dusty, peanut-growing hamlet so small and poor it barely has a market. If penis snatching had previously been a city dweller’s fear, now it seemed that not even the remotest places would be spared.
But spared from what, exactly?
It’s fair to say there are victims on both sides of the penis-snatching equation.

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