Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Van Van, Blockbuster, Road Opener, Uncrossing... What To Use?

  • Van Van - One of the oldest hoodoo mixtures. This lemongrass-based formula is utilized for magic spells to unblock happiness and success, reverse bad luck, spiritually cleanse, and add strength to other formulas. Its lack of an obvious name that explains its purpose means it's falling out of favor compared to the other mixes listed here but, if I could only choose one formula to use for my own self, I'd probably choose Van Van.
  • Blockbuster - Used for spells to remove blockages in one's life, as suggested by the name. It's a newer hoodoo formula, and it sometimes is said that it should be paired with a mix like Van Van or Uncrossing as, according to some, it breaks blockages but does not clear them. 
  • Uncrossing - Used to remove crossed conditions. In old fashioned hoodoo it was believed almost any misfortune was caused by a crossed condition or by enemies, so this was used much alike to a Blockbuster mixture.
  • Road Opener - This is not a traditional hoodoo formula but rather a borrowed mixture from Mexican and hispanic traditions. But it has become popular. It is used for opening up possibility and removing and blockages, especially unknown blockages. 
Which mixture do you need to help solve your problems? 

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