Monday, February 25, 2013

What Does The Smoke On My Candle Mean?

I've posted before about black vs. white smoke during candle burning rituals. I also recall that I quoted Hoodoo Momma in that article as well. Here are some more words of wisdom from her!

The Glass: 
- White smoke on the glass is a good sign and an indication of success and blessings. 
- Black smoke on the glass is a sign of struggles. It is my experience that the situation will take a series of candles to clear as the spirits are fighting a battle. They need the continued energy of the flame and perhaps an offering. Spiritual cleansings are also indicated. 
- Clear glass is a good sign. It is usually an strong "all systems go" from the spirit world, but can also indicate that the spell is somewhat of a mute point. It is already a done deal. 
- There are also symbols in the smoke residue that can be read. Do not overlook the subtle messages. These symbols are often interpreted differently by every practitioner. It is direct communication between you and your spirits. They know what the symbols will mean to you and that is what they are conveying. 
- Broken glass is a sign of enemy work. If the glass fractures, shatters or explodes, there is enemy work involved in the situation and appropriate action should be taken. 
- Burn marks where the flame got close to the glass and left a smudge of black smoke or charred the label with the saints image, can indicate that there are back stabbing people in your life. They are border-line enemies or "frienemies" and may even be causing you strife with their "evil eye" (envy and jealousy).

You can read her full article on the subject of candle burning signs here. She includes even more useful advice about how to read signs from candles!