Friday, February 15, 2013

There's a forum I used to hang around on, before I was doing spells and readings professionally... it was mostly a place for people who'd been using psychics, spellcasters and whatnot to share their experiences with one another (and pretty much every person there -- including me -- was a woman who was using spells and psychics for problems in romantic matters, usually concerning some specific person they were chasing.) We were all comparing stories on there... and we found, from each others' reports, that most psychics seem to like to give positive readings on love matters... and, I suspect having seen and experienced what I did, that it's because the lovelorn prefer to go back to those ones who gave happy readings over and over; whenever things seem to go poorly they want to hear that reassurance that things will be ok eventually with the guy. The alleged psychics and fortune tellers either know this and deliberately play to it to get more business, or, they maybe legitimately want to help and just recognize that it makes the clients more happy to hear pleasant things that give them hope. 

Even the best psychic I ever went to always gave readings claiming the guy I was after at the time was interested in me, and he just needed time to come around, and she foresaw us being together eventually... (We never did get together. Years passed before I gave up.) She'd get details on the nose about what she saw having happened already, and even when I'd go to her for predictions about non-love matters she was usually right, but her love predictions always were favorable about me and that guy... and always wrong. 

I also personally am always wary of anyone, at this point, who will claim a person is "your soul mate." That's unprovable stuff but is probably what everyone wants to hear about someone they're paying money to have a reading about. It chases me off almost as fast as the opposite group, the "there's a terrible curse holding you apart" group who then make you pay for some kind of mega expensive spell to remove the curse (these ones will usually skip town or shut down their website soon as they get the money. I had a few of them as well, they also use the "Soul Mate, meant to be together" stuff, too.)

From time to time clients indicate surprise that I've given them less positive readings than other readers on love matters. My suspicion about why they're getting favorable things from multiple other readers is that they've found someone who panders and placates to the lovelorn, just like I and everyone else on that forum found. 

(And I don't think anyone, as long as I was on that forum, ever got the guy they were after.)

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