Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stress and Magical Practice: Is It A Good Thing? Plus: What To Expect From Magick and Witchcraft

Perhaps this is why the majority of magical practitioners tend to be such unhappy people... yeah you heard me. It isn't all fun and games. It's hard work. We don't just cast an "Endless Wealth" spell and never have to fret again about money or work or freedom. 

Real magic takes time and effort, and the results one can expect, in general, will be only as grand as befits one's preexisting life situation (so for example, if you're a millionaire already and have a life set up such that millions of dollars might actually be in access to you, a spell to make you get a million dollars may actually work. Meanwhile, if you earn $600 a month and always have, with no reason to expect that circumstance to drastically change in the near future, a spell to make you an immediate millionaire probably will not succeed... you'd need to do lots of other types of work beforehand in order to position yourself so as to be able to receive such windfalls.)

What does one do when one's life isn't going as wished? Lots and lots of spells. But they can't be done willy-nilly -- they must be calculated and able to produce good effect.

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