Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Staying Occupied While It Takes Time for Spells to Manifest

The question of how long professionally cast spells will take to manifest their results, is a subject that many people get hung up on. People will even delay buying spells for weeks -- because they worry the results won't come fast enough for their taste!

The fact of the matter is that it's out of anyone's control -- once a spell is cast, it's cast. The practitioner can no longer influence it.

In fact, the more one obsesses on 'how long it will take' to see results from a magic spell, the longer it can actually cause it to take!

Overthinking is the murder of many a spell, yet, it is often the case that when some event was important enough to you that you felt the need to cast a spell for in the first place, it can be very difficult not to think and fret about the outcome while you wait for results! 

It's rare that a spell will bring instant results, especially if the work involves people other than yourself (i.e. is meant to effect or influence another person.) Here are some tricks to pass the time while you wait:

Get your chakras in balance. This is new age hoodoo, but very popular. According to some schools of thought, doing this can make it much easier for the good things in life to come to you, and negative feelings will be eliminated immediately if the chakras are flowing well. There are several ways chakra opening can be done, including meditation, use of gem stones, or the Ishtar Quickie Chants. The website Eclectic Energies's Opening the Chakras page also has some good advice.

Entertain yourself. Watch movies, visit fun websites -- just keep yourself in good spirits.

Take Cleansing Baths. Eliminating negative energies can only be helpful, and ending obsession is definitely important. Scott Cunningham's "Break The Habit Bath" from The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews consists of rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, lemon verbena and sage together to create healing and uncrossing energies that can help with this. 

Brain dump. This can really help you get some mental clarity. Many people do this daily in small doses by posting embarrassing things about themselves on Facebook. You can do this without having to share the info with anyone -- just use your word processor and type whatever comes to mind. No one will see it so it doesn't need to be smart or even sensible. But hey, many a poet works this way, maybe you'll get something worth saving! Do this exercise as often as you need. 

At Lucky Temple Hoodoo Spells/Hoodoo Online, we know working magic can be a demanding task for both the client and the practitioner, and so with these tips it is hopeful that you can find the perfect state of calm needed to make your desires most ready to manifest!

If the student wishes to get his mind under control he should cultivate the habit of avoiding hurry, which is one of the first things to undermine the growth and expansion of its powers. Some people do not come under the category of hurry, but they worry, which is almost as bad. Where Concentration is aimed at the mind shoud be like the surface of a lake, which permits reflection, but both worry and hurry ruffle its surface, so that it can no longer fulfil its proper function, which is to hold and meditate upon. Hurry and worry cause a ceaseless agitation, a turning back of the mind upon itself, a going over the same chain of thought in the endeavor to find a solution to some pressing question. It is well known that in such cases the solution is rarely forthcoming by such a method, any more than a name of a fact which escapes the memory for the moment is recalled by intense thinking. It is when the mind is relaxed, when it has gone along another line that the missing information is ushered into the consciousness, or brought forth from the inner recesses of the mind to the objective portion of it. 
How can the hurry habit be most effectively checked? Not always by trying to induce a state of peace within the mind, but by the removal of one of the potent causes of it -- the attempt at doing too much and the undue or exaggerated importance we attach to things.
-- L.W. De Laurence, The Master Key

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