Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Petit Albert, Spellbook of Marie Laveau Magick Review

The Spellbook of Marie Laveau/The Petit Albert has gotten its first 5-star review on Amazon!

Finally! A translation of the classic French grimoire The Petit Albert. I've searched far and wide for an english version and the closest i got was one hidden away in the very rare "Silent Friend" book compilation by L.W. Delaurence, but that is a shorter version than Talia Felix's translation. The Petit Albert is one of those "practical" grimoires from the early 1800's that comprise of a mixture of household tips, medical advice (for man & beast), magic spells, and a dose of astrology and talismanic magic. In these pages you'll find magic lamp tricks to make snakes appear on your walls, magic powders to make the ladies dance in their underwear, and the infamous gruesome Hand of Glory instructions. In the big picture of the cultural influence of the occult in daily life, the Petit Albert is in par with Albert Magnus "Egyptian Secrets" and The 6th and 7th Books of Moses. The type of grimoires that the local conjurer used to deal with regular people's needs. It's just not that well known in the USA because a good complete english translation has been lacking (until now). The illustrations could have been better quality but even in the old DeLaurence version the illustrations are not that much better. If you are a ceremonial magic type you won't find much meat and if you're looking for occult philosophy this is not the book for you. But i guarantee that once you have the ladies dancing in their bloomers your high regard for your 20 volume Golden Dawn concordance will pale in comparison to this small volume. Overall a very welcome addition to my library. (maybe Ms. Felix will tackle the Grand Grimoire or Dragon Rouge next...)

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