Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Spellbook of Marie Laveau: The Petit Albert is now available from Hadean Press!

The Petit Albert is a collection of recipes, talismans, and occult secrets attributed to several authors, chief among them Paracelsus, and compiled by a pseudonymous narrator who stresses that the secrets contained therein “do not in any way surpass the occult powers of nature; that is to say, of any of the known beings that are scattered throughout this vast universe, which are in the skies, in the winds, on the land and in the waters.” This cautious reminder did not change the opinion of the Catholic Church in regards to the Petit Albert – it was a book of black magic and therefore to be avoided at all costs, an attitude which assured the book’s popularity among nobles, farmers, and priests alike.

The Petit Albert was a popular book in 19th century New Orleans, and it is possible that the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau herself, would have used it. Even the illiterate sometimes possessed grimoires of this type in the belief that the book itself had inherent power; and if she could read, the charms for tying nature with a knotted cord, use of love powders, gaining wealth with a doll made of roots, and astrological talismans might have inspired her work.

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