Saturday, November 24, 2012

Van Van (Lemon Verbena) Sachet Recipe

Not a sachet powder, but a sachet bag used to scent your clothing and linens by placing it into storage drawers or pinning it into hanging garments, to refresh and impart a delicious odor. It can be also referred to as an ascent bag, scent bag, sweet bag, sachet bag, sachet de senteurs, spiced sachet, potpourri sachet, scented sachet, perfume cushion, smelling cushion, scented cushion, fragrant bag, pomander and "dream pillow." This is an authentic old-time recipe for one with a Van Van perfume, a famous jinx-removing and luck bringing mystic conjure fragrance in hoodoo.

1 pound ground lemon-thyme
2 pounds ground lemon peel
1 pound ground orris root
1/2 ounce lemongrass oil
1 ounce bergamot oil

Combine, and sew the resulting mixture into little cloth baggies.

Use this to bring the cleansing and luck-enhancing powers of Van Van to your everyday life.

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