Thursday, October 25, 2012

Authentic Coffin Nails - A Most Powerful Magical Charm

In my city, there is an old, historical graveyard with which I have done much volunteer work. The place is, unfortunately, notorious for its trouble with prairie dogs and gophers: they burrow into the ground and kick up all kinds of bones and coffin pieces as they dig their network of underground tunnels. When I volunteer to help clean and maintain the place, I always seem to come home with a purse full of artifacts found around the rodent holes. Genuine coffin nails -- sometimes still imbedded in the old coffin wood -- are among the treasures I've acquired. These found coffin nails probably date to about 1890 - 1915. Because of uncertainty as to if or when more of these rare magical curios can be discovered, this item is to be considered IRREPLACEABLE. Each coffin nail is one of a kind, like a rare work of art, true to magical practices. You might never be able to find another one of these anywhere else.

Traditional hoodoo and witchcraft frequently call for coffin nails to be used in works of protection, hexing, separation and working with the dead. Yet, not many modern coffins are made with nails anymore. Many occult supply houses will sell you masses of so-called "coffin nails" for $5 a dozen. Obviously, these are very unlikely to be true coffin nails from a dead man's casket -- the supply of such a rare artifact would be limited, and the difficulty to obtain them would render them impractical to sell for such a small amount of money. However, what I am offering here is the real thing. 

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