Monday, July 2, 2012

Vale of Kashmar Perfume

L. W. De Laurence loved to pitch his special Vale of Kashmar perfume -- he even altered the text of Mathers' Key of Solomon to explain its beneficial powers:

"The advanced Occult student, and Disciple of Magical Art, use Vale of Kashmar, the great Oriental Perfume, today, instead of the spices mentioned herein. Vale of Kashmar Perfume, owing to its pure and beautiful fragrance, strength, and virtue, is believed to possess wonderful power to attract the Good Spirits and banish the Evil Ones, and for this reason is now generally used in all invocations instead of the spices mentioned above."

Here is the picture of the original packaging for Vale of Kashmar Perfume:

You will notice in the bottom left-hand corner of the box image, a symbol of a circle with two flags in it. This is the emblem of A. A. Vantine's company. De Laurence loved to relabel othe products as his own, and this was another example of it. The "Vale of Kashmar" perfume was actually one of A. A. Vantine's products -- probably the Corylopsis or Violet perfume. Here is an image of the box without the De Laurence stickers, taken from Ruby Lane:

As happened with the Temple Incense -- another Vantine's product -- once the Vantine company went under, De Laurence had to create a new formula to replace it. Sadly the modern Vale of Kashmar sold by the De Laurence company is nowhere near as high quality as the original item, neither in presentation nor fragrance. Here is a photo of a modern bottle, from the collection at the Museum of Good Luck:

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