Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Tea: To Match Your Soul

Stripy Tights posted an article a while back about how tea has become a Goth obsession.

What I didn't realise until, well, today, was that apparently I'm not the only black-clad spookster with a tea fetish. Is it the associations with elegance and grandeur? Paying homage to your British Gothy ancestors of the 70s and 80s? Is it all Emilie Autumn's fault? I don't know. But it seems like all of a sudden, dark culture has gone batty over tea. o.O

It's true. Jhonen Vasquez has been drinking the stuff for years, like the above mentions Emilie Autumn is into it (enough that my niece who is obsessed with her tried to take up tea drinking just on her behalf), I've been drinking it by the gallon since my teens to we know it's as goth as anything else I've blogged about round these parts... tea!

My favorite place from which to order unusual teas is the Upton Tea Company. I worked in a tea shop for a time, you see, and this was where the cafe got its stock from. Little trade secret there. I also got the best Earl Grey (Creme) I've yet tried from Teavana. (I also highly recommend their Cha Yen.) Of the grocery store brands, Twinings and Stash are consistently good: I rate Twinings to have the best Irish Breakfast, and Stash to have the best Chai Spice. (I also like Celestial Seasonings but, dammit, they keep discontinuing the black teas I like!) Trader Joe's may have the best English Breakfast.

Another Goth friend of mine also gave this interesting recipe she made at home: combine pomegranate white tea and oolong tea bags, steep, and add vanilla extract. Sweeten or add cream as desired.

For excellent chai, use the Stash Chai Spice: brew two bags in a quart of boiling water till water is dark and flavorful. Add half a can of evaporated whole milk and sugar to taste.

Of course, black tea has lots of beautiful caffeine to keep you awake till dawn, like a good little night owl.

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