Saturday, June 23, 2012

St. Hildegard's Peace Powder

In our last post we looked at Hildegard of Bingen's special recipe for happy-cookies. Today we can look at another of her secret magickal formula recipes -- an early version of Peace Powder.

Hildegard's easy version of this mixture was made simply from powdered rose and sage, which were to be carried in a bottle and sniffed any time someone was growing too angry. The fragrance would make him calm and happy. The recipe for this mixture is also included, along with many other formulas, in Mother Bombie's Book of Magick.

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  1. Interesting choice of ingredients, which was so very much St,Hildegard's style ,even when it comes to crystals. Though if one inspects the two ingredients carefully, they do make sense, even according to modern Hoodoo herbalism correpondences. Rose petals can be used for all sorts of Blessing and positive work , furthermore Sir Ra y T. Malbrough suggests White Rose petals along with another ingredient , as main ingredient in peaceful home oil, which is what i personally do as well. Also , we must not forget that in modern formulas for "Water of Notre Dame" white Rose hydrosol is often called for, as main ingredient, and it's a formula used in Blessing, Peace-related work among other.
    As for Sage, what often lacks in angry person is wisdom to overcome the very anger, and think with a more "cool head" and that is what Sage can provide :) It can also help removing anger if caused by negative ( offensive ) magick

    Thanks for sharing and many Blessings
    Shadow :)


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