Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goth Makeup - Cheaply!

Ever needed to buy white face powder? I'll assume if you're a goth you probably have at some point, even if you only wanted to experiment with it.

White powder can be pretty hard to find; and since it's a specialty item, it often costs a bit. If you need white makeup foundation that's another thing, but here's a trick if you just need the powder...


I got 14 ounces of the stuff for $1 at my local Dollar Tree. Compare that to almost $13 for 2 ounces of Manic Panic Goth White. Is it safe for your skin? Well, it's safe enough to dust a baby's whole body with it! And how's it look?

Very, very good! In fact, it was somewhere around the 1930s or 1940s that people seem to have quit using their "dusting powder" for both body AND face -- maybe because the cosmetic companies realized if you sell powder for face only, you can charge for a smaller amount. To use baby powder, just apply it with a brush or powder puff the way you would with any other loose powder. Cornstarch that you buy at the grocery store works the same way, too.

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